Working on our latest project of INTERACTIVE LED MODULE

June 13, 2016 Harith Salwathura

After performing more than ten experiment stages of this Interactive LED modules, We have came up with a second final design and this design will be modified a little bit with new additions in very soon before the product listed for online buyers and websites. So please keep in touch with the blog for more updates in future.

More details about the design? 

  • How many Emitters/detectors are you planning on using? A lot (Receivers - IR detector diodes // Transmitter - IR emitting diodes)
  • Used microcontroller yet? Planing to use a microcontroller and add more features and effects as well as make it more simple for the user.
  • Interactive LED Panels are black, 12" x 12" (about 305 mm x 305 mm) square, with 144 ultrabright white LEDs arranged on a regular grid.
  • Each 6x6 LED set has two sensor nodes, Total of eight IR sensor module for single panel. (We planing to increase the IR sensor modules which operated in single panel to make the panel more interactive and sensitive) 
  • We use plug-in plug-out connectors to each board edge making it easy to reconfigure the panels in any rectangular arrangement.
  • Power supply - we used 12V/3A DC single power supply to switch up the single panel.

Check video of the module (Testing version)

Check out the latest photos of this on going project