Custom Pistons Service

Custom Pistons Service

Need custom pistons? Are you building a machine and need an extra more power for Racing, Street, Drag or drift car? Want high comp or adding a blower? We can help you out with custom made forged pistons.

We supply ringsets and round wire circlips to suit all custom pistons from leading ring manufacturers. Special Piston Services also offer specialised machining of customer pistons to help you obtain the best available to suit your needs.

You need to supply a sample Piston and tell us the oversize you require.
We use our own brand Forgings now which are 2618 Material T6 Heat
A four cylinder piston kit includes(forged pistons to suit your application, nickel
chrome tapered pins, Hastings rings and round wire circlips )


-Forged pistons made to order

-And many other piston modifications


We can also supply thermal barrier coatings ceramic on the piston crowns and dry film skirt coatings on the piston skirt to help reduce friction and scuffing.

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